Friday, February 23, 2007

In the beginning.....

In the's more like in the wee hours.....thoughts wicked this way come. Why blog? Because I have something to say, and I prefer to say it in the privacy of my own blog. Is that a completely weird thing to say? Not in the 21st century I suppose. So who gets this blog when I am gone? My incorporeal hereditaments.....I like that phrase...not sure what it means, but I think a blog would be one. I'll leave this blog in my will. Yup. You all can have it. So maybe this blog will give some structure, some outlet to these very random thoughts I find I have wandering out of my mouth from time to time, amazing even cynical me with their coherence and..dammit...sheer brilliance!!

So, folks.....this is very much a Seinfeldian blog, which means for those of you who don't pick up on these pop culture cues, that it is about nothing in particular and everything.

So..some specifics....I'm in my 30's.....male.......single, goodlooking (no, I'm not writing a personal ad...its a blog, dammit!!!)...bright enough, and reasonably well educated. The challenge will be whether this blog lasts beyond tonight....! I hope so, as I do have a lot of stuff swirling around in my head and a feverish desire to type as fast as both fingers will allow. Its approaching 3 am nonetheless, and one hopes I can tear myself away from this thing and go to my damn bed. I have reservations about putting all this stuff OUT THERE for the world to see, which means I will have to face the slings and arrows of outrageous people who will have a lot to say, critical or otherwise, about whatever I write about or views I take. So here goes.....the beginning of a journey that I might or might not enjoy. But it comes at a point in my life when I am restless about a lot of things, and maybe it might actually anchor me to allow me to vent, release, relax and otherwise be happy. I have one very important anchor right now, about which I will not speak. Not ya bizness, zeen? So lef it alone....But yeah, come one come my shit, hear my crazy thoughts. Now. Where was that witty thought I had earlier? Dammit, where did I put it? It was just here a moment's flown the coop. But wait there's more......nope....that's it. Can it be true? can a blog end before it begins? nah..I will write...still I you can hear this caged bird sing. Stay tuned. The revolution will not be will be blogged.

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Anonymous said...

how about you write all your posts in the wee hours of the morning? Gives you something to stay up for...just a thought. I keep a notebook and make a list of the topics as they come up. Mind you, I end up writing essays, not the freeform stuff that i imagine that I want to write. I'm too much of a control freak to do that I think. Keep writing anyway. We need more voices of conscience.