Thursday, March 13, 2008 the way... it's been a while now, with nothing from me. I actually was surprised I remembered my password to get into this blog. Well look, I've been busy, so there. But my solemn vow is to remember to post more, and more often, because I know you are reading and you care. Both of you.


longbench said...

Yep. Blogging is like a fulltime job when you get into it. And since I don't have no govament job that will pay me while I blog, I understand the
paucity of posts. Write when the spirit moves you. Hopefully, that's more often than twice a year!

Long Bench

The Trafalgar Council said...

I can understand the sentiment. But I strongly suspect that you have more than two readers. When you become passionate about something it will take you but a few minutes to post your thoughts.